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Resilience of power generators and efficiency of photovoltaic systems under single roof. 

What makes us different

RGS POWER is a company set in motion to challenge the predominant business approach in power generation and renewable energy fields.

We are dedicated to bringing the conventional and reliable methods of power generation side by side with renewable energy technologies.

RGS POWER is beyond a mere supplier of power generators. We strive to bring the best possible investment options to the table for each unique case. Few companies have a well balanced experience both in EPC services for solar PV systems and power generation solutions. Our company is a one stop solution center where you can get the best products, guidance and technical support for hybrid technologies.

We are always ready to guide you in your most challenging decision making moments.


RGS POWER is a reputable supplier of power generators. Our primary objective is to offer reliable diesel generator sets which are also affordable.

In this respect we are promoting units built with Baudouin engine between 10 – 2000 kVA range. Baudouin is a famous French engine manufacturer, recently owned by Weichai Group, started building reliable engines almost a century ago. The robust design of this engine, enables operation in most challenging climatic conditions. 

For this reason RGS POWER fully trusts Baudouin brand and keeps delivering more diesel generator sets to overseas markets built with this legendary engine.


Our team is specialized in designing & commissioning roof-top and carport type solar systems. 

We use the latest software tools to optimize the cost and efficiency. 

Before application stage we are always keen on conducting an in-depth analysis to avoid production losses. 

Besides applying latest engineering practices during the design phase, we also collaborate with the most reputable PV system hardware suppliers to ensure a long-lasting solution which will always deliver what is forecasted without any interruption.

“Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to understanding your needs and providing the most convenient solution with the highest level of customer service.”


RGS POWER, a leading provider of power generation solutions, offers a range of products and services that are designed to meet the energy needs of a variety of applications.

Our power generation solutions are reliable, efficient and cost-effective. Our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to understanding your needs and providing the most convenient products and/or solution with the highest level of customer service.


We are committed to providing reliable & sustainable power solutions to meet the increasing needs of our customers.


We provide state-of-the-art equipment, perform regular maintenance, and implement safety measures to ensure your uninterrupted power supply.

Service Quality

Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering a reliable and consistent service quality, even during peak demand times.


We are constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency and using the latest energy management technologies.

We are empowering a brighter tomorrow with reliable and sustainable energy solutions.