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Pre-owned Jenbacher Gas Engines

We Supply Preowned Power Plants

Options in the natural gas driven power generators field are not as abundant as the diesel generator segment. There are very few brands dominating this market. Some of these are preferred for electrical and thermal efficiency, some are chosen for spare parts availability, design lifetime or other criteria which affect the overall costs of investment.

“As RGS POWER we specifically trade pre-owned Jenbacher gas engines. “

Jenbacher is one of the most resilient and efficient gas engines in the market. Majority of Jenbacher models are designed to operate up to 82.000 hours and their electrical and thermal efficiency is the best in class. These engines always deliver the value expected regardless of the service hours. So, considering the performance of these units and the average time needed to own a brand new Jenbacher, pre-owned units may turn into a good option when your project execution deadline is close and your budget is constrained.

Deciding whether a gas engine is worth its value can easily be understood with a visual inspection conducted by an expert. That is exactly what we do before deciding to add any pre-owned unit in to our portfolio. If you are considering owning a reliable gas driven power plant, and if you do not have time to wait for the production, we would be pleased to present you available options from our portfolio. If required, we can also take care of the major overhaul before commissioning the unit, upon your request. Please consult our sales team to check available units before making a major investment decision.