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About Us

RGS POWER is a leading provider of power generation & renewable energy solutions offering a wide range of services and products. Our desire is to combine the resilience of engine driven power generators with cost efficient renewable energy resources under single hood. Distributed energy systems are the future of energy infrastructure. For this reason, we constantly sharpen our skills to bring latest technologies and system architectures on the table to serve your interest with best engineering practices.

Whether you wish to build a roof top PV array from scratch, or to retrofit your existing infrastructure driven by power generators by integrating renewable resources, RGS POWER is always the right address and one stop solution center for all your needs.


RGS Power is a company focused in power generation and renewable energy fields, which is located in Istanbul / Turkey. Our team has 15 years of experience in design and application of robust systems and has earned the trust of business partners in overseas markets. What differentiate us is our knowledge & experience in integration of power generation systems with renewable energy resources.

Besides supplying RGS POWER brand diesel generator sets, we also offer EPC services for commercial and industrial customers which are willing to invest in rooftop or carport type PV systems. Our priority is to bring resilience of power generators and economic gains of renewable energy systems under single hood. Because we think that a good balance between the energy security and efficiency is necessary for all commercial & industrial enterprises. We build systems which will deliver energy in most demanding conditions regardless of the environmental factors.


Reputation is an outcome of consistency between the commitments and the actions. For us remaining a trust-worthy and professional partner for our clients is above all other corporate targets. Delivering what is promised on time as per contractual agreements year over year and managing negotiations with empathy & mutual gain perspective are what we call path to success. So we adhere to these principals strictly to build long-lasting business relations which will be our fuel for future growth.


Our in-depth knowledge in power generation systems allows us to maintain customer satisfaction at highest level. Usually a system starts creating problems when it is designed wrong at first place, when the equipment selected is not suitable for the application or when it is not maintained properly. We always have a proactive approach while guiding our customers. We know the most cost effective solution for your project, we always use robust heavy duty type components, and we provide the best assistance possible with our experience in maintenance procedures. Unconditional customer satisfaction is what we build our business on. So we always deliver above expectations.


We believe that reputation & brand recognition can only be built with a coherent approach which is defined in our corporate philosophy. Yet this can not be realized unless the team also embrace the same values. For this reason we place human factor in the core of our business. Our aim is to create a work environment in which each and every member of the team will find opportunities for personal development and career achievements. As we keep attracting new talents and keep this spirit live, we know that our fundamental ethical codes will be reflected in each stage of operations extending from design to execution. Honesty & empathy are the two pillars of human resources management in RGS POWER which helps us overcome most challenging problems together as a team and grow together by learning from our mistakes and experiences.