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Diesel Generators



Your power generator is your asset. So just as we evaluate operational costs in any asset investment, while comparing diesel generator options performance, spare parts availability, design lifetime, fuel efficiency and many other metrics shall be taken into consideration to avoid a wrong investment decision.

Diesel generators are one of the most reliable sources of power generation yet there are so many options out there in the market when it comes to moment of decision. Before reaching a judgement one has to seek answers for so many questions. RGS POWER will always be a reliable source when you need to select the best option according to your budget.

First and most important point we need to touch while speaking about diesel generators is the engine. Engine is the heart of a generator set which creates the motion needed for conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy. As it is composed of revolving parts, it is the component which creates majority of the troubles during operation. Every engine needs to be maintained and after certain number of years all engines complete their service time eventually. Yet how long you can use your generator efficiently may vary so much depending on which engine you have chosen, in what kind of application it is used and if it is well maintained during the lifetime or not.

We have accumulated a significant amount of data through out the years which makes it possible for our team to distinguish a good performer from a poor performer. We would be delighted to share our experience with you about all options on the table before you make your final judgement.

As RGS POWER our priority is to deliver robust diesel generators which will be suitable for operation in most challenging environmental conditions. RGS POWER is always one step ahead in the market when it comes to assembly quality, user friendly & flexible control module selection and variety of options which will help you configure your generator according to your special needs.